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Image by Markus Spiske
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Be an ambassador for

How you can help:

  • Spread the ‘word’
    The greater the awareness, the more people who use the word ECOCIDE and the larger the number of Earth Protectors signed up, the safer and more publicly supported small climate - and ECOCIDE - vulnerable states shall be when taking this law forward; the more our governments can see it's time to make ECOCIDE a crime.

  • So, Tell everyone! Talk about it in your networks and environmental groups, make it your mission to sign up your friends, your family, your colleagues.

  • Join our social networks.. Like & share our posts on your social media. Mention us in your publications with @StopEcocideBelgium and use #Ecocide #StopEcocide #StopEcocideBelgium.

  • Encourage interest groups, organisation , NGO or business to partner with us.

  • Help us get it on the radar of interest groups, influencers, business leaders, NGO or media.

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