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On the streets for nature!

March for biodiversity and the recognition of the crime of ecocide.

Sunday 21  May 2023

2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Departure and arrival: Place Poelaert

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Banner Stop Ecocide  biodiversité marche
Drapeau Européen Drapeau  Belge  écocide biodiversité marche
Drapeau Européen Drapeau  Belge  écocide biodiversité marche
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On May 21, the day before the International Day for Biodiversity, we will march to defend our ecosystems and demand an ambitious law on the recognition of the crime of ecocide!

Belgium and the European Union have a unique  opportunity to stop the massive destruction of biodiversity.

Belgium has an unique opportunity to stop the massive destruction of our biodiversity.

The Belgian Parliament adopted an ambitious resolution to recognize ecocide as a crime. 

But the definition proposed by the governement is too restrictive to protect our ecosystems.


Let's demand an ambitious definition of ecocide! 

Sign the belgian petition HERE


The European Parliament officially declared its support of the inclusion of ecocide-level crimes into the EU’s revised crime directive with an ambitious definition. 

We demand that the European Council and the European Commission to support the European Parliament. 

Sign the EU petition HERE

We must now raise our voice for nature!

Let's meet on Sunday 21/05

     2:00 p.m. Gathering on Place Poelaert (next to the Palais de Justice) 

    2:30 p.m.start of the march

      3:30 p.m. arrival at Place Poelaert

      3:45 p.m. words from our ambassadors 

16.15 concert and flash mob


Whether you are a citizen, young or old, farmer, gardener or activists for social and climate justice, members of committed associations

this call is for you!


It is NOW that we must save biodiversity and we have one LEGAL SOLUTION  to preserve it:



Do you remember the terrible oil spill caused by the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon platform in 2010? This is called ecocidethe massive destruction or irreversible damage to an ecosystem, intentional or not, resulting from human activities.



In December 2021, the Belgian Federal Parliament voted an ambitious resolution aimed at recognizing ecocide as a crime.


Unfortunately, the government has weakened this proposal. Ecocide is currently defined in a very restrictive way by limiting itself to deliberate damage, which would exclude damage resulting from imprudence or negligence, such as major oil spills. 

This is why we need  a strong  Belgian legislation!

Once the law is adopted, Belgium will be able to propose an amnendement to the International Criminal Court to introduce it as an international crime in the Rome Statute. The Belgian proposal could therefore have an impact on a global level!


We therefore call on the government to follow the Belgian federal parliament, which mentioned ecocide fairly and realistically in its 2021 resolution: 

Illegal Acts resulting from a serious lack of foresight or precaution committed with knowledge of the real likelihood that these acts will cause serious widespread or long-term damage to the environment. 


The European Parliament officially declared its support of the inclusion of ecocide-level crimes (with an ambitious definition) into the European Union’s revised Directive on protection of the environment through criminal law. 

The final stage for “ecocide” to be definitively recognised in European law will be agreement from the European Council and the European Commission on the Parliament’s proposed position.

We demand that the European council and commission to support the European Parliament. 


Join us on May 21, 2023 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at la Place Poelaert and demand that Belgium adopts an ambitious legislation on the recognition of ecocide as a crime and aligns itself with the position of the European Parliament . This will help slowing down the destruction of biodiversity. 

Program and Itinerary



Itinéraire  écocide biodiversité marche Belgique


Arrival at Poelaertplein



Short word by master of ceremony by Patricia Willocq and Ruth-Marie Henckes, Stop Ecocide coordinators (NL/FR)



Start of the march



Return at Place Poelaert



Short Brazilian percussion



Aline Dalvi - Espirito Mundo 

Ecocide and the protection of Indigenous communicties (FR)



Benjamin Van Bunderen Robberechts  - Climate Justice for Rosa

Ecocide and children’s rights (NL)



Adelaïde Charlier -Youth For Climate  

Ecocide and Look down campaign (FR)



Concert Getch (FR)




 Ecocide and the right of Nature (NL)



Antoine Geerinck - CO2 Logic

Impact of the criminalisation of ecocide on businesses (NL)



Ricardo Petrella - Agora de la Terre

Ecocide and the privatisation of nature (FR)



Flash mob Youth for Climate 



Concert Brick





Closing with Rise for Climate

Rassemblement: Place Poelaert
Marche: Rue de la Régence - Place Royale - Palais du Coudenberg - Mont des Arts - Cantersteen - Boulevard de l'Empereur - Rue de la Chapelle - Place de la Chapelle- rue Joseph Stevens- rue des Minimes - rue Watteu - rue Ernest Allard - Place Poelaert
Support the event and participate in crowdfunding HERE

Concerts with Getch and Brick

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 15.44.55.png

Flash mob with Youth For Climate

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 15.49.04.png

Want to know more? 

Discover the educational file of the European Foundation for Rights of the living

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