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Find here the most frequently asked questions to Stop Ecocide International

  • I’m an activist standing up against ECOCIDE - does becoming an Earth Protector help me?
    Yes, it provides you with primary evidence that you are a Conscientious Protector and not a criminal, and your signed Trust Fund document can be presented in court with a legal argument relying on Freedom of Conscience (ECHR art 9, UDHR art 18).
    While it cannot guarantee you a particular outcome in terms of acquittal or sentencing, it will help give you the opportunity to explain WHY you took non-violent direct action (to protect the Earth/your community/future generations) and allow you to present evidence supporting your action.
    More details here.


  • In which countries can the Earth Protector defence be used?
    The Earth Protector Trust Fund document has been apostilled (rubber stamped as a legally valid document) in most countries around the world. The effectiveness of using it as part of your defence will, however, depend on your country’s respect for justice and the rule of law.


  • Has the Earth Protector defence been used successfully in court and where?

    Yes. The Earth Protector defence has been used numerous times in the UK and there has been at least one jury acquittal (April 2021, the “Shell 7” trial); while acquittal is by no means guaranteed, experience has shown that defendants are given the space to explain motivations, and sentencing has often been minimal.


  • I have already been arrested on an environmental protest, can I still sign up as an earth Protector and use it in my defence?
    Yes you can, though it is recommended that you sign up as an Earth Protector prior to taking any potentially arrestable action. Prior sign up is likely to carry more weight in court.

  • Is there a link between Extinction Rebellion & Stop Ecocide?
    Stop Ecocide and Extinction Rebellion are two distinct organisations. Extinction Rebellion is continuing to be extremely effective in raising the alarm about ecological and climate crisis whereas Stop Ecocide is presenting a far-reaching solution to the crisis by supporting an international crime of ecocide to be recognised which will stop the harm. Read our blogpost for more information.

  • I am an activist with Extinction Rebellion and the Conscientious Protector defence wasn’t mentioned in their training or literature. Why not?

    XR have a decentralised organisation so different approaches are used in different areas. We encourage our connections in XR to the Conscientious Protector approach as an available tool in their training and to ask members to support ecocide being made a crime. We are also conscious that the CP approach works best when defendants represent themselves rather than employing representation by a barrister, and no arrestee should ever be pressured to take a particular approach to their trial, or to self-represent if they do not feel comfortable doing so.


  • My community is facing a particular ECOCIDE , can you help me?
    Our key focus is not on fighting any one specific ecocidal context or case, but in putting in place an international law - ecocide crime - that is actually capable of addressing cases like yours across the world.  Because right now, corporations and governments can do what they are doing because there is no law in place to prevent or prohibit it. Meantime, please see our page Your Frontline for more detail and advice.

    Please also note that we have a Guest Blog featuring campaigns from around the world where communities of ecosystems are facing particular ecocides - please feel welcome to submit a written piece!

  • I am suing / wish to sue an ecocidal corporation. Can you help me?
    The focus of our campaign is not on existing regulation, and it is not on civil law (litigation/suing), so we are not best placed to help you here.  Our focus is on the creation of new criminal law (prosecuting).
    If however you are facing legal action in a criminal court for standing up to protect your community or the Earth from ecocide, see questions above.

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